Guest Post With The Literary Explorer

For my last day of Blogversary Festivities Anna AKA Lit_Explorer from Stopped by to give us her take on Blogging and The First Year. Anna has been a blast to chat with on Twitter, we have rendered many of our conversations slightly on the “That makes no sense but we are awesome anyways” side. We always have a blast! She’s an established blogger whom I look up to! “When I grow up I want to be like the Literary Explorer”!! Enjoy her post and tell us what YOU thought of your first year or if you aren’t there yet, tell us what it’s like. 
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ANNA:I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and I absolutely love it. I first started blogging in order to share my love of books as well as keep up with my writing over summer, so my abilities wouldn’t diminish. I never knew it would lead to something as big as it has. I’ve developed so many great relationships with amazing people (bloggers, authors, publishers, etc.) and I’ve really fallen in love with the community as a whole. In fact, some of my best friends now are people I’ve met through blogging, and I can’t tell you how rewarding that is. I know these people will always have my back when the drama strikes, and it has. The lowest moment during that first year was probably the first time I found out someone was talking about me behind my back. I thought, “No way, the blogging community is so tight-knit, no one would ever say something bad about someone else!” Of course, that was just me being ignorant and naïve, because there is always going to be drama in life! I immediately ran to a couple of my blogging friends, ranting to them about this person who was saying rude things about me, and they did everything in their power to comfort me. I really appreciate having people like that around, because it makes blogging, and the drama around it, so worth it.
I also remember my first review request. I think was about a month into blogging and a woman emailed me asking if I wanted to review her book. It was a self-published ebook, and I didn’t have an e-reader, nor did I know what self-published even meant, but I had no idea people would even ask me to read their books so I jumped on the chance! I didn’t do any research, read the synopsis, anything before agreeing to read it. Of course, that was a huge mistake. I read about 5 pages of it, on my computer, and thought, “Wow, this is awful! Why am I reading this?” And that was my first DNF as a blogger! I grew to realize that I didn’t have to accept every book pitched to me, nor did I have to review every book I accepted. I try to only accept books I know I will love, but sometimes those DNFs slip through and I’ve let go of feeling bad when I can’t get through it. Because of this, I’ve also grown more honest with my reviewing. I’m not afraid to write a negative review for a book I just didn’t like. I’ve grown a lot in my year as a blogger, and I am grateful for every up and down I’ve had because it’s made me a stronger, more honest, and better person. I never knew blogging could affect me in such a way, but it has and I have to thank the entire community for that.
The best advice I can give to any blogger, new or old, is to have fun. Don’t let blogging become a chore. Don’t focus on the numbers. Let yourself shine through and be who you are, the rest will come. I get a lot of emails from people who want to know how to build their blog up, get review copies, work with publishers, and all that jazz. You have to work for it, but you can’t make it a priority. When you take the fun out of blogging, it just becomes another hobby that falls by the wayside. There have been plenty of times when I’ve thought, “Blogging is too much. I can’t do it. I can’t make all these commitments and I don’t want to post a teaser tomorrow!” So you know what? I didn’t. If I didn’t want to post, I didn’t because it’s my blog and I can run it the way I want. I think my first year of blogging was the hardest, but since I’ve gotten through it I’ve learned how to schedule my blog around my life, and not the other way around.

Anna @ Literary Exploration
Twitter: @Lit_Explorer


Author Interview With Wendy Higgins and Swag Giveaway

What better way to end my weekend long Blogversary celebration than with an interview with the author of my favorite 2012 Debut and a swag giveaway!?
For my one Year Blogversary, I asked Wendy Higgins, author of my favorite 2012 debut if I could interview her and feature Sweet Evil!She said yes! HOORAY! And the she offered to giveaway swag! Sweet Evil SWAG guys!? Who’s as excited as I am!? Anyhow, read the interview, enter the Giveaway and leave a comment saying how awesome Sweet Evil was, or just how awesome I AM! Either way! Thank you all for participating and enjoy the interview below.

Author Bio: 
After earning a bachelors in Creative Writing from George Mason University and a masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Radford, Wendy taught high school English until becoming a mommy. Writing Young Adult (YA) stories gives her the opportunity to delve into the ambiguities of those pivotal, daunting, and exciting years before adulthood.
She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, daughter, and son. Sweet Evil is her debut novel.

So, what inspired you to write about Anna and Kaidan? Did it come to you as divine inspiration? 🙂
It did feel divine at the time, lol! I’d written lots of stories in my life, and started lots of books, but I never felt this strongly about any of them. Writing Anna and Kai’s story took over my life. I’m not sure that there was one thing that inspired me. It was really a life’s worth of inspiration – as if all the heartbreak, love, friendships, spirituality, and books I’d ever experienced rose up inside me and lent inspiration.

How did you come up with the title? I love it by the way!
The folks at HarperTeen came up with the title, and I love it too! It’s an oxymoron – very catchy. My original title(s) were lame! First it was called Angel Prophecy, but the prophecy was taken out, so that wouldn’t work. Then I called it Sin Legacy, but the word “sin” in a title would turn people off, so Harper brainstormed on their end and asked me what I thought of Sweet Evil. Love!

What are your writing habits? What are things that make it easier to write?
I have to be alone and snuggly to write, and it has to be quiet. I prefer writing in my bed, propped up against lots of pillows, or on the couch if nobody is home.

What was your initial reaction to finding out about your book being published?
When my editor contacted me for the very first time I had to leave the room I was in with my kids so that I could break down crying and flailing my hands without scaring them to death! I cried ALL DAY and could not stop shaking! I couldn’t even make dinner – I had to order pizza, lol.
When you write, what kind of feeling do you get?
I let myself be overwhelmed with the emotions of the characters. My heart completely goes out to them. I will laugh and cry as I’m typing (another reason why it’s good that I don’t write in public – hello crazy lady!) I get so in to it, that if my husband comes in to interrupt and ask a question, I stare at him and blink for a whole minute while my brain switches gears. He says it’s pretty freaky to catch me in the middle of story mode.

Once Sweet Evil is all wrapped up do you think you’ll gift us with another book and/or series?
I’m in the middle of revising the sequel, which is under consideration with the publisher (*fingers crossed*) and then I need to write the third book, which is mostly plotted out in my head). I also have another book, which is completely separate from the Sweet Trilogy, and I’m excited to revise it and submit it to my agent. It’s a stand alone book set in Ireland (Fae, magic, Leprechauns, love, fun!)

What are some of your favorite reads so far this year?
I’ve really enjoyed Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock and Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris.

Mexican, Chinese or Italian food?
I love all three of those, but Mexican is my hands-down favorite! (As you’ll see from all the Mexifood references in SE, lol)

Any tips for aspiring writers?
Write what’s on your heart, not what you think other people want or don’t want.
Happy 1-year Blogoversary, Melina! Thanks so much for having me! 🙂

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{Review} Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Evil 
by Wendy Higgins
Series: Sweet Evil #1
Published: May 1st 2012
Publisher: HarperTeen
ISBN: 0062085611 (ISBN13: 9780062085610)
Pages: 454
Source: Bought Myself
Reading Level: 17+
Shelf Award: Deserves Its Own Shelf, All Time Fave
Rating: 5 Stars

Where To Buy: TBD ChapterIndigo

Goodreads Summary:Embrace the Forbidden
What if there were teens whose lives literally depended on being bad influences?
This is the reality for sons and daughters of fallen angels.
Tenderhearted Southern girl Anna Whitt was born with the sixth sense to see and feel emotions of other people. She’s aware of a struggle within herself, an inexplicable pull toward danger, but Anna, the ultimate good girl, has always had the advantage of her angel side to balance the darkness within. It isn’t until she turns sixteen and meets the alluring Kaidan Rowe that she discovers her terrifying heritage and her willpower is put to the test. He’s the boy your daddy warned you about. If only someone had warned Anna.
Forced to face her destiny, will Anna embrace her halo or her horns?

My Thoughts: 

Cover Love: DUH!!! I would leave it at just that but I really would not be a proper fangirl. I mean look at that cover! It just draws you right in! And me, being a total for the “girl in dress” fad I am totally sold on it!!
Review: This is the first ever book I took notes on my feelings and thoughts. That is HOW MUCH I liked it! Now onto What I thought of the book aside for: OMG, SO GOOD and all caps LOVE! Immediately I was hooked! I will try my very best to keep it spoiler-free
Anna is a multi-faceted character, she is good and wholesome but not naive, she sticks to her principles and even when she is in a difficult position, she tricks herself or thinks her way out of certain situations and it is  something to behold for sure! She has her moments of doubt and carelessness where if she’d thought a bit more, then things may have been easier. But that would have made the story different.Aiden’s and Anna’s relationship was so swoon-worthy!! It made me sigh, almost cry and made me want to yell: WHY!?!?!
Aiden is pretective but Anna never feels like she is a malnourished puppy who can’t take care of itself. She is strong on her own even with the tough times she’s been through. She wouldn’t NEED a man so it makes Aiden that much better!  There were hints of a love triangle (which I have no problems with) but it didn’t feel cheesy or anything.
Some scenes include heavy petting/Massaging/Kissing and those are OH SO STEAMY! 
Reading the book felt purposeful, even with a few surprises, I felt it was written with purpose. It did not feel like a debut novel at all. And when I didn’t know what to expect, not theories at all, I loved that. Wendy took me on a wonderfully unexpected romantic trip!
The concept of not good and not necessarily evil characters, the evil-ness of some other ones was great. I mean, what if your very existence depended on ruining peoples’ lives, days and what not? And Anna has double that trouble, which you will discover when you read the book. 
There were also many elements in the book regarding powers and memories that were astonishing! Totally new and totally awesome!
The extra characters were great! Perfectly written to have their places in the story. It didn’t feel overcrowded or confusing. 
Pacing was PERFECT… Not once did I purposefully WANT to but the book down! I even brought it hiking with me and read a chapter on top of a 1.3 Kilometer mountain! Now that’s a good book if I have ever read one!
When I was done reading and I REALLY didn’t want to be done all I could do was this:

“ITS OVER!!???”

All in all A wonderful book, completely deserving of 5 stars and a few sequels. 

Guest Post: Cathee from Forever Lost In Books!

Forever Lost in Books
In honor of my one year blogversary, I asked 2 of my closest twitter/book blogging friends if they’d like to write a guest post on a first year of blogging is like. Cathee from Forever Lost In Books is someone with whom I enjoy talking about anything related to books and she is as well a fellow Canadian Book Blogger!
Here is what she had to say on the subject:

Blogging, blogging, blogging.
Sometimes it can be homework, but other times you love it. And it was like that for me throughout my first year of blogging (well, technically, it will be my first year on June 19th… but… who cares? :D).
Sometimes, I loved blogging so much; I had ideas flowing and could write three to five posts a day, and other times I would have NO inspiration whatsoever for a whole week. And so, sometimes I had no idea what to post… and I post everyday on the blog (except for once a month 😀 But sometimes I have to much posts to go up so I can’t take a day off :D). It’S good to take a day off and not have to worry about your blog. It helps me A LOT.
The first few months of my first blogging year didn’t have many posts, I guess because I didn’t read as much as I do now, even though I read quite a lot. And I didn’t have the determination to post more. Until I saw this particular book blog. It pushed me to write more. And started loving it.
After a few months, I started being noticed a little. And then I made many blogging friends, and they are all so nice.
One thing that really helped me, and you have probably heard this a million times, newbies, but GET ON TWITTER! And, don’t just post links to your blog, TALK to bloggers! We won’t bite! And, on my first day on twitter, I @ some of my favorite authors telling them that I was new to Twitter and how I liked/loved their books. And guess what? Many of them replied to me saying welcome and thank you. I was SO happy! I mean, for me, authors were celebrities. And now, I’m a little friend with some authors. And it’s royally awesome. Bloggers are just as awesome! Just reply to one of their tweets, and sometimes you can start talking for a long time with them, and become friends!
In the first months, you will probably seek ARCs from publishers. Don’t. Wait a little! You probably won’t get a reply, but don,t get sad over it! If you do the right things, someday you’ll have the numbers they are looking for, AND THEN it will be the time. Trust me, you may say ‘Oh, but I still have MANY followers! You know, 50 is a lot!’… but they normally look for 300 and more. Some publishers 500. Some even MORE. And, don’t blog just for ARCs! Enjoy it!
Now, I’m starting to get all ‘I am your mother and you will listen to me’… so I’ll just stop.
But, blogging is great.
And don’t let people intimidate you or plagiarize you either! If you get plagiarized, email an important blogger you trust, to try and get the word out!
Happy reading!
Thank you Cathee for stopping by!

Author Interview With Danielle Sibarium

Heart Waves and Danielle Sibarium!
251 Pages, Released June 1st 2012 by KFR Communications.

Jenna Kingsley has a gift. She knows things. With a simple touch she can pick up personal information from jewelry or objects. While at a neighbor’s party, a voice mesmerizes her. Jenna is momentarily frozen as a ring is placed in her hand. White electricity surges through her and a dire prediction is made. “It’s like Romeo and Juliet. You’re going to break my heart.”
From the moment they meet Jenna is enchanted and entranced with Reece Walton. She’s thrilled to learn he’s spending the summer two houses away from hers. Every moment they spend together is magical. But she can’t get the prediction out of her mind. As the summer draws to a close and secrets are revealed, can Jenna get past the fear of being left with a broken heart to live in the moment with Reece or will her fear of being hurt fulfill the prophecy?


I am pleased to feature this original book, Heart Waves by Danielle Sibarium accompanied by an author interview in honor of my 1 year Blogversary, needless to say I just CAN’T WAIT to start reading Heart Waves! So hi Danielle and thank you for being here today!

Thank you so much Melina, for allowing me to be part of your blogversary! I’m very excited to be here!

How does it feel to have ANOTHER novel of yours out there for all to read?

Surreal. It’s just dawning on me that For Always is REALLY out there. It’s an amazing feeling each

time I get an email or see a review from a fan. The biggest difference between the release of Heart

Waves and the release of For Always is that for my first release I was unknown and there was a little

buzz, but other than my family, close friends, and myself, there was no real excitement. With Heart

Waves there seems to be a lot of excitement. I am filled with a sense of pride and fulfilment.

How was the writing process? Did you just start writing about Jenna and Reece one day or did you

outline everything first?

I never outline. I tried to outline when I was younger but I spent so much time on the outline, I never

got to the actual story. And then I’d try to write to the outline rather than having the characters

drive the story. I have my beginning, mid-points and ending that I stick to, but the road to any of

these places is often filled with detours.

How did you come across Jenna’s gift and why did you settle on that one?

Like Jenna, I’d always known things. I don’t remember how it started, but the summer of my twenty

first birthday I spent a lot of time reading palms and jewelry. It got to a point where I’d walk into

a pizzeria or bar and random guys would just hand me rings and bracelets. That summer sticks

out as one of the most fun summers of my life and I hoped that sentiment would carry over in the

relationship between Reece and Jenna.

Please tell me it’ll be a sequel! Can you tell us a title if it will?

There WILL be a sequel to Heart Waves. I can’t commit to a title or time yet, but I can tell you it is

already in the works.

And what are you reading right now?

If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I just started it.

What are you like when you aren’t writing?

I am usually playing the role of wife and mother. I tend to act silly with my children and I’m often a

little distracted. I tend to think about my characters, a problem they have, or a problem I have with


Tell us 5 COMPLETELY random things about you!

1 I was an extra on the Cosby Show

2 I did the Tony Robbins Firewalk

3 I met Derek Jeter

4 I love the Rodeo

5 I believe in angels!

Thank you NiftyBookPeeps for reading and be sure to check out Heart Waves!

Author Interview With Trinity Faegen and ARC Giveaway!

Author Interview

With Trinity Faegen, author of The Mephisto Covenant Series.

If you have read my review of The Mephisto Covenant, then you know how much I loved it! If not you can find it here. I loved it so much in fact that I decided to feature it on TPNR to celebrate my ONE YEAR BLOGVERSARY! And now I get to interview the woman who brought this literary gem to life! And in light of my blogversary she VERY kindly offered to give away a signed and finished copy of The Mephisto Covenant AND an ARC of the next book in the series, The Mephisto Kiss (Available sept. 2012) There will be 2 winners and you have Trinity Faegen to thank for making the giveaway INTERNATIONAL!! 

So the first book in the series, The Mephisto Covenant was a wonderful read!
So wonderful indeed I am featuring it in my Blogversary. And who better to talk about it than the author of the book herself!? Trinity Faegen!!

Thank you, Melina! I really can’t describe how it feels when a reader
connects with my work. I’m incredibly happy that you enjoyed the book!

Well I certainly connected! Especially with Jax! Now, in all seriousness,
what I want to know is how was the process of writing that first novel?

One word: Painful. I wrote, revised, rewrote, then rewrote again. Then,
after it sold to Egmont, I rewrote huge chunks of it during the editing
process. It pretty much bears no resemblance to what it was when I began. I
still want to change certain scenes, but that pesky publication thing kind
of hinders any do-overs.

In the first book, we have a Russian background for Sasha, why did you
decide on that one?

When I was 12, I saw the movie, Nicholas & Alexandra, about the doomed last
czar and his empress. It began a life-long love of Russian history. Visiting
Russia is on my bucket list, and it looks as though I’ll get my wish next
year – yay! I’m hoping The Mephisto Covenant is out in Russia when I go,
because whoa, would that be cool to see it in a Russian bookstore!

How many books are planned in this (amazing) series?

If the stars were perfectly aligned, I’d love to write a book for each
brother, including Eryx. Alas, Egmont only bought two, so after The Mephisto
Kiss, unless they contract for more, that’s the end. At a minimum, I hope I
get to write book 3. You’ll see why after you read book 2. *wink*

Which Brother is your favorite? I won’t tell them I promise.

Zee. He’s so screwed up, has so much of a story in him. I already know who
will be his Anabo and she’s AWESOME!

How did you come up with the concept of Anabo and Mephisto?

I dreamed the Mephisto brothers as these dark, tortured guys. That’s it. I
couldn’t stop thinking about them. I didn’t want them to be demons, which are something of Lucifer. I read books about Hell, including one called The History of Hell – interesting read! – and I hit on the idea that they were sons of Mephistopheles, another fallen soul who’s of Hell, but not the devil. Once I had them fully realized, I knew I wanted to write romance stories about them. Every story needs conflict, and where’s the conflict if an ordinary human could fall in love with them? They had to be dark and scary. So I set about dreaming up a girl who could be around them longenough to fall in love – and thus, the Anabo. That created its own set of problems, because they need to be without Original Sin, but not Mary Sues. I had an enormous amount of fun building the Mephisto world.

How long did it take to outline and then write?

As I said, I revised and rewrote this book countless times. I began writing
it in 2006. It sold to Egmont in March of 2010. The first draft went
amazingly fast, but what came after was long and slow and painful. I wanted
to sell this book SO badly, I was willing to do whatever it took to get it
in sellable shape. My agent was a trooper, and reread over and over, until
she felt like we had something worthy of submitting. By contrast, book 2,
The Mephisto Kiss, took 3 months to write. I had to rewrite the last third
of the book in edits, but it was a joy to do – I love book 2.

What is your favorite dessert?

Hands down, chocolate layer cake. The old fashioned kind like my Granny
made. You know, moist cake, delicious creamy chocolate frosting…oh, man,
now I’m DYING for some!

What are you reading? Any recommendation for my readers?

At this moment, I’m reading my friend A.E. Rought’s book, Broken. It’ll be
out in January 2013. Inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, it’s a
beautiful and compelling read. I’m also reading J.A. London’s Darkness
Before Dawn – insanely beautiful prose and a great story. I never miss the
opportunity, when I’m asked, to talk up Simone Elkeles’s Perfect Chemistry
trilogy about the Fuentes brothers. Holy mama, do I love those books! If you
haven’t read them, you need to get on that. The woman can write romance like
whoa and damn.

Thank you so much for having me as a guest on your Blogversary, Melina!

And now thanks to her here is my first Blogversary giveaway!
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{Review} Article 5 by Kristen Simmons

Article 5
by Kristen Simmons
Series: Article 5 #1
Published: January 31st 2012
Publisher: Tor Teen
ISBN: 0765329581 (ISBN13: 9780765329585)
Pages: 364
Source: Bought Myself
Reading Level: 16+
Shelf Award: Interesting Dystopian
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Where To Buy: TBD ChaptersIndigo

Summary From Goodreads:
New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., have been abandoned.
The Bill of Rights has been revoked, and replaced with the Moral Statutes.
There are no more police—instead, there are soldiers. There are no more fines for bad behavior—instead, there are arrests, trials, and maybe worse. People who get arrested usually don’t come back.
Seventeen-year-old Ember Miller is old enough to remember that things weren’t always this way. Living with her rebellious single mother, it’s hard for her to forget that people weren’t always arrested for reading the wrong books or staying out after dark. It’s hard to forget that life in the United States used to be different.
Ember has perfected the art of keeping a low profile. She knows how to get the things she needs, like food stamps and hand-me-down clothes, and how to pass the random home inspections by the military. Her life is as close to peaceful as circumstances allow.
That is, until her mother is arrested for noncompliance with Article 5 of the Moral Statutes. And one of the arresting officers is none other than Chase Jennings—the only boy Ember has ever loved.

My Thoughts: 


Cover Love: I love this cover. Not because it’s pretty like my usual cover crushes, but because it’s atmospheric. You can feel the essence of the book just by looking at the cover. I love it.
Review: I really liked the book. I didn’t completely love it at first but it grew on me. The concept was your regular YA Dystopian but with some really, and I mean REALLY, evil bad guys. Sometimes it seemed painful to read. Because Kristen Simmons leaves some to the imagination. And if yours is as broad as mine, well yeah, scary stuff. But it is for the most part implied. That and some scenes with a little, well, let’s say, “frottage” if I may. That didn’t bother me at all. But it’s me just saying what’s what.
Furthermore (I love using big words), My main and only complaint was Ember. At first she’s a docile and obedient citizen, then her mother gets arrested the she turns into an (excuse my language) IMPULSIVELY IDIOT TARTE! Her horrible judgement enraged me at points where I was like this:
Hulk Smash GIF - Hulk Smash
Anyhow, at one point she straightens up and actually becomes the heroine of the novel. Unfortunately it takes a horrible tragedy for her to wake up and realize some things. I was like FINALLY! 
Because until that part the book was mostly about Chase… Wonderfully wonderful Chase who’s full of yum… OK ahem, back to reality! But yeah, Chase was the hero for most of the story. It was HIS book: HIS skills saved the day and HIS loyalty kept Ember safe because she sure as heck couldn’t keep herself safe even after said “TRAGEDY”. In which case, if you are like me in that department you’ll end up looking like I did, which is basically like that:
Oh yes, it’s THAT sad! But now I won’t say anymore because I will spoil it for you all!
Other great things about the book, pacing was great. I find it extremely important to be constantly hooked to your current read. Makes it much more enjoyable even when at points you want to give it a good old HULK SMASH. Then there was the action scenes! Whoa, were they awesome and graphic! 
If you don’t mind a compelling read read but with a sometimes (ok OFTEN) irritating heroine this is for you. The end is great! I will definitely pick up the next in the series: Breaking Point. (OOOOH how Ominous!)
That’s it for me! Did you read it? Do you want to? If you did, what did you think!? 
Link up your review in the comments! 

A Bit About A Book Blogger! (1)

A Bit About A Book Blogger is basically me giving some of my favorite book lovers and bloggers some well deserved spotlight! I think it’s important to make someone feel good and proud of their accomplishments every once in a while. I know many do Book Blogger Interviews and I always admired that. I though I might join in! I will try to have this as a regular feature on every Monday. If you’d like to be featured and interviewed You can contact me with your info! I want to know all of you!
My first ever interviewee is Linda or Lindsay or Laura or Lily Lolipop etc. who is co-blogger with Rie at and a wonderfully entertaining Twitterer!

Bio: The elusive Linda-saurus is a mover and shaker by day, book ninja by night. Only native to Florida. Afraid of small children and their germy hands. Has affinity for the elderly. Can be found lost in her imagination. Beware of her sarcastic humor.

Twitter: @Book_Ninja 

So Linda, How long have you been a book lover and what is it that made you decide to start blogging?
I’ve been a book lover since I can remember. Well, since I learned English and all that jazz. I discovered the wonderful world of blogs just two years ago and fell in love. Never had the guts to create my own book blog until I ran across a post wanting bloggers. I started blogging fall 2011, being a contributor for Mission to Read with Rie. She’s the best!

What kind of person are you outside of the Book Blogging world?
I’m part psycho, part OCD mental patient, and 150% perfectionist. I’m joking. Mostly. Right now, college is kicking my butt and I spend most of my free time on twitter or being dragged off to do crazy things with my friends. Oh yeah, I put the “PRO” in procrastinate.

I hear you have a multitude of names? Care to elaborate?
Because Linda is such a hard name to remember, I also let random people call me a variety of other nicknames. This includes Lindsay, Laura, Lisa and the ever famous, Peter. Melina gets to call me Lily Lollipop. A fellow blogger has also dubbed me Joan Banana Flickerman.

What is a notable book you Just KNOW you will remember forever?The Fault in Our Stars! John Green knows how to pull on your heartstrings. I spent a whole week alternating between crying into my beloved copy and laughing my head off. This book and its quirky characters continue to amaze me. For me, this is John Green’s masterpiece. DFTBA!

If you had to choose only one book character as a BFF who would it be?
Um…I really have no idea. Not really sure I want a kickass BFF like Rose from the VA series or Katniss. Wouldn’t want a whiny brat so common in YA books either. Now that I think about it, I call dibs on Noah from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer to be my best friend. We’ll rock the world together. Or blow up each others’ houses.

Do you have any odd bookish habits?
I DO NOT bend my spines, dog-ear my pages, or leave my books out in the rain for my imaginary dog to eat. The OCD in me gets a little crazy when my friends do. Also, I prefer hardback to paperback. A much better weapon against people who interrupt me when reading.

Quickly!! You have to name 5 books off the top of your head right now! GO!
Everneath by Brodi Ashton
Pride and Prejudice
In Honor by Jessi Kirby
Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
The Great Gatsby

Cake or Pie?
Pie or die!!!

Favorite color?
Blue but I haven’t picked out the exact hue yet.

Name 3 non bookish things about yourself?
I really love cats. In fact, I stalk them.
I love sneaking up behind my friends.
Without my glasses, I’m pretty much useless.

Thanks for having me! Best first-time interview experience ever!

The End