Taking a Minute (1)… I get angry with Chapters

OK so here I am starting a rant I guess. I am angry at Canada’s Chapters/Indigo and I am going to take a minute and talk about it. 

I used to (I probably still do but) LOVE spending hours, and I really mean hours as in 8 or around that, at Chapters. I’d grab a coffee, head straight to the Teens section stare at the shelves for a minute and sigh while my heart skipped a beat at the sight of all those books and then I’d go hunting! I would start with a pile of 20 books or so and Read! 8 hours later when it was time to go back home I was a little sad. 

Then I discovered The Story Siren! She is an amazing YA book blogger and if you don’t know her you MUST HAVE been living under a rock for quite a while. She inspired me to start my own blog where I could share my newly rekindled passion for reading. And I did!

Then I went through her posts and saw things such as BEA, YALSA etc… So I started looking for similar fairs, or expositions in Canada. And guess what I found!? NOTHING! RIEN! NADA! ZILTCH! Now I have to save money (probably LOTS), get a passport and make my way to NYC because Chapters/Indigo snuffed out the Independent Bookstores in Canada and KILLED (yes, my Chapters is a murderer) BookExpo Canada. I am so very sad. AND ANGRY!

Then I started thinking, what can I do about this? I love my country but WE suck at Independent Bookstore keeping and such…

Should I open an Indie Bookstore?
Beg for BEC to be resuscitated?
Occupy Chapters? ( tried to make a funny, I failed)

Can anyone tell me what can be done? Please! For the LOVE OF BOOKS!


Thank you for reading I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Leave your twitter @ with your comment!


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