Halfway Done: Accross The Universe by Beth Revis

Since Across The Universe by Beth Revis is SO FREXING (some will get this) AMAZING, I have decided that the books that make me close them in order to catch my breath and slow my heart down deserve a special post. I came up with “Halfway Done” (I know, very unoriginal). You know a book is good when I write a“Halfway Done”! 

Yeah, That good! Beth Revis has  devised, no, created a wonderfully wonderful story worth buying 2-3 extra hardcover copies of the book and spread the masterpiece that is Across The Universe. As you all have guessed by now when this book is done the review will be fantastical!

I love you, Beth Cooper Revis. (yeah that’s right, I included a pun! And it was INTENDED!)

Seriously GET THAT BOOK if you haven’t already.


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