Tell all Thursday!

Tell-All Thursday!

Hello readers and bookworms! Today I want to share with you my own original Meme! I am quite proud of it!

Every Thursday we will have a “tell all” where we mash a bunch of reading related things together!

We will be answering 5 basic questions, Who, What, When, Where and Why! I hope everyone enjoys it!!

This week:

  1. WHO did you follow today and is worth a mention  (May it be through Twitter, a blog, tumblr, anything! Make sure you link u the profile and or blog!) ? Today I followed Becky! I loved her blog !!! Find her on Twitter @storiesweeties
  2. WHAT are you reading today? Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
  3. WHEN do you usually read? Whenever I take a break from cooking, cleaning, twittering, mommying and all that Jazz. So basically whenever!
  4. WHERE would you like to go for an all inclusive vacation!? GREECE! 
  5. WHY did the chicken cross the road?! Because the bookstore was on the other side!

That’s my tell all for today! What’s yours?
Send me one of your 5W in the comments and one lucky reader will be featured next Thursday!


2 comments on “Tell all Thursday!

  1. 1. YOU! :)2. Just finished one and have to check the review pile to see what is next.3. Before sleep usually. But I'll read anytime… especially when I have to wait for something.3. Right now? About anywhere!!4. to get to the other side… he stepped out of rank, got hit by a tank, he ain't a chicken no more! (sorry, friend is a Bill Murry fan and I heard that throughout band in HS and now I am doomed to live with it for the rest of my life! LOL)

I love reading comments and I'll try to reply to them all.

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