Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Currently at page 91 of the novel and I am finally starting to truly enjoy it! There is some action, some truly INTENSE sexual tension and I am finally beginning to understand whats going in the novel! The only thing I can somewhat criticize at the moment is the lack of description of some of the characters. When Andrea Cremer describes a scene with more than 2 or three characters, I tend to get lost and I have to re read. So aside from Calla Tor, I can’t really connect with the other characters.

So far the premise of the novel is awesome.
Here is another notebook I use (I can’t find a picture anywhere so I believe it may have been discontinued!) Anyways…
It’s by Knock Knock and It’s called “Stuff, a 3-way planner/agenda”. I has a To-Do, To Note and To Sketch section. I use it everyday!

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