Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

Hello Book Lovers!


Once-Upon a Once Upon a Readathon! This Readathon is hosted by Lori at Pure Imagination, Candace at Candace’s Book Blog, and The Reading Angel. It runs from 12:01 AM on July 11 to 11:59 PM on July 13th.

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon


IMM (#1) Book Haul!

hello readers!!!

How are are you!?

Welcome to my first IMM and book haul;!!
You can either read it or watch it (below)

So here it is!

I bought:

Divergent: Veronica Roth: Books http://bit.ly/kGFOqE

Catching Fire: The Second Book of The Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins: Books http://bit.ly/khQqlh

The Demon King (a Seven Realms Novel): Cinda Williams Chima, Cinda W Chima: Books http://bit.ly/lpclGK

Eon Dragoneye Reborn: Alison Goodman: Books http://bit.ly/lIcNOI (different cover…)

Inside Out: Maria V. Snyder: Books http://bit.ly/kVzTCb

Shiver: Maggie Stiefvater: Books http://bit.ly/iHEdle

Wither: Lauren DeStefano: Books http://bit.ly/mGuFgM

Incarceron: Catherine Fisher: Books http://bit.ly/mDEPFl

Wondrous Strange: Lesley Livingston: Books http://bit.ly/knQqiL

The Iron Witch: Karen Mahoney: Books http://bit.ly/loh26I

The Iron Daughter: Julie Kagawa: Books http://bit.ly/igtyTm

Balefire Omnibus: Cate Tiernan: Books http://bit.ly/ihjNZD

Beautiful Creatures: Kami Garcia: Books http://bit.ly/k2sUKt



I am writing in caps because I am so excited and hope to win this giveaway so badly!
I can’t believe the Bookish Brunette is giving away so many books! What an awesome blogger! I love Bloggers…Especially when they give stuff away!!

Bookish Brunette

Running Behind! The Story Siren

So, I should be done Nightshade by now but I have been busy with mommy stuff, getting a youtube channel going and looking up other reader’s Blogs. There is one in particular that stood out! The Story Siren! you can find a link HERE ! She is so passionate about her reading and books! SHE HAS TONS!!! I wish I could have that many!

I’ll have to ask her a few questions! Like How does she get ARCs and if she can give a tour of her bookshelf…
Anyways, Anyone reading this netter go check her blog out if you haven’t already done so!
She is my role model!

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Currently at page 91 of the novel and I am finally starting to truly enjoy it! There is some action, some truly INTENSE sexual tension and I am finally beginning to understand whats going in the novel! The only thing I can somewhat criticize at the moment is the lack of description of some of the characters. When Andrea Cremer describes a scene with more than 2 or three characters, I tend to get lost and I have to re read. So aside from Calla Tor, I can’t really connect with the other characters.

So far the premise of the novel is awesome.
Here is another notebook I use (I can’t find a picture anywhere so I believe it may have been discontinued!) Anyways…
It’s by Knock Knock and It’s called “Stuff, a 3-way planner/agenda”. I has a To-Do, To Note and To Sketch section. I use it everyday!

June Reading List!


All you YA novel fans! Here is my June 2011 reading list!
To read:
  • The Iron King (Julie Kagawa)—- READ
  • The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)—- READ
  • Nightshade (Andrea Cremer)
  • Eon (Alison Goodman)
To Finish:
  • Fallen (Lauren Kate)
  • Prophecy of the Sisters (Michelle Zink)
There it is! If I am done these Before the end of the month I shall add more as time goes!
Once each Novel is done I’ll write either a long or short review…

In the meantime The Book Lover’s Journal is what I use to keep track of my reading. It’s from Peter Pauper Press! They always make such beautiful quality journals/Planners! O
ne of my favourite!!!